How to Help Your Child Listen and Learn

How to Help Your Child Listen and Learn
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Product Description

 Equips you with powerful strategies to greatly improve your child's ability to listen and consequently learn. This audio (downloadable recording) addresses the frustrations of your child not listening to you. While most parents would agree this aspect is not limited to children on the spectrum, it is almost always more prevalent in children with autism.

In this audio I specifically address the areas of…

  • Multiprocessing and how challenges in this area of development can affect your child’s listening and comprehension abilities
  • How to pitch your language at the ‘just right’ level to facilitate your child’s comprehension
  • How to know which aspect of language you should be targeting next
  • Tips on how to help your child follow instructions that you ask of him/her
  • Improving the way that you talk to your child so that they are driven to listen to you
  • Increasing your child’s auditory attention to language so that you do not feel that you need to repeat yourself over and over again
  • How you can use visual supports to help improve auditory listening and comprehension skills

The benefits of learning through Audio Products

Monique Simpson has a way of presenting this information so that it is interesting to listen to. She provides many practical examples throughout the audio that are presented with so much expression that you feel like you are there!

Other benefits:

  1. You can download the information straight away and start learning from the material immediately
  2. You feel like you are sitting and listening to Monique in a more personal manner
  3. These audios contain lots of examples where the use of changes in pitch, tone and volume help bring the examples to life
  4. You can listen to the information at a time that suits you, in the comfort of your own home

As soon as you order, we'll email you simple instructions on how to download the audio straight to your computer. With just a few mouse clicks you will be able to begin listening to the audio straight away and discover exactly what you can do to start improving your child's development.

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