Volume 4 - Feel

Volume 4 - Feel
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45 min

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Running Time: 45 min

This Volume explores the reasons why children with autism often find it difficult to manage emotions like anger, sadness, stress, anxiety and excitement. Improving your child's ability to control challenging emotions and to calm down as quickly as possible is extremely important to allow them to operate in an effective state for learning to occur.

Working on your child's emotional development is incredibly important to help them lead a calm, happy and fulfilling life.

During this DVD you will also more specifically…
•    Understand how your child's brain functions when they are trying to process stressful emotions.
•    Find out why your child seems so much more emotional than other individuals.
•    Discover strategies that you can use when your child is experiencing low and high levels of stress and anxiety
•    How to put together a simple plan for your child that will help them remain calm throughout their day and in a much better state for learning.
•    Learn some simple strategies that you can put in place throughout your day to keep yourself as calm and relaxed as possible.

Please note that many families that purchase the program also get their child’s preschool or school teachers as well as their therapists involved in watching and carrying out the Autism Essentials DVD program. This helps in facilitating a holistic approach as well as helping to train interested team members.

Created for parents and professionals
Includes DVD 4 - Feel as well as accompanying training handouts.

The Benefits of Learning Through DVDs

Benefits for Parents:

  1. Professionals often don’t have time during your appointments/sessions to train and educate you. So this training is vital because you spend more time than anyone else with your child and can therefore make the greatest impact on a day-to-day basis, if you know how.
  2. It is a much more cost effective way of intensively being trained by a specialist in autism
  3. You can watch these DVDs at a time that suits you (eg: when the kids have gone to bed)
  4. It is an effective and interesting way to learn information (rather than through books) as most people are visual learners
  5. You can view the material over and over again so that you understand and retain the information
  6. You can lend the program to your child’s teachers to help train them and to help ensure that your child’s program is holistic

Benefits for Professionals:

  1. It is an interesting and effective way of learning an enormous amount of information in a short period of time
  2. This DVD program saves you the time of having to find high quality and effective information yourself
  3. It is more cost effective than attending courses and taking leave from work
  4. It's a great way of training other staff members and increasing their knowledge in a short period of time


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  1. Where would we be without you?

    Posted by Ernesto on 30th Nov 2012

    I am the mother (and now legal guaidran, too) of a 25 y.o. young man with autism. I can't tell you what it meant to me for E to have truly caring, dedicated teachers and others working with him through his 18 years of school. He started at 2 yrs, 9 mo., legal age to start in CT at the time, full days at a school specializing in kids on the spectrum and similar. I've learned how unusual it is for a district that refuses to make its teachers get up to speed to be willing to outplace our kids. This was a time when I was considered a horrible mother for excluding him. Well, including him here was a disaster when we tried it for K-1, back to outplacement. He worked for 14 mo. in a high stress Walgreens distribution center before he crumbled and we are now working with an autism program for adults that got its final approval just before budget cuts hit everywhere. My hat goes off to you and those like you. Where would we be without you? Where are you, BTW?Janet

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