Volumes 6, 7 - Learn Part 1 and 2

Volumes 6, 7 - Learn Part 1 and 2
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3hr 40min

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Running Time: 3hr 40min

Volumes 6 and 7 dive straight into showing you how to help your child learn an abundance of different skills using very effective auditory and visual strategies. You will be amazed with the volume of information that you will learn! It is crucial that you understand this information so that you can set the ‘just right’ goals for your child and know how to help teach them in a very practical way in their day-to-day life.  

Learn Part 1 - 1hr 35min

Takes a practical look at ways of working on your child's language and communication development. It contains vital information that will assist your child's learning in these areas.

  • How can you assist your child's language development
  • Help your child to listen and understand language more effectively.
  • Discover how you can maximize your child's ability to remember the information they are being taught and how to help them use these skills in other settings.
  • How to analyze your child's communication skills
  • Discover how your child forms memories
  • Uncover the questions that you need to ask yourself when trying to generate goals for your child.
  • Gain tips that will help your child process and learn instructions, questions and concepts faster and more effectively.

Learn part 2 - 2hr 5min
Learn Part 2 is a comprehensive 'how to' guide. It gives you a complete overview of the many visual strategies that you can use with your child such as social stories, scheduling, video modeling, picture sequences, comic strips etc.

Children with autism are often incredibly visual learners. In this DVD you will learn how you can maximize this strength so you can help your child learn concepts, communication, social skills, self help and many other skills in the fastest way possible.

We actually go into the home of one of our families and show you how you can practically implement these techniques throughout your child's day. You will be able to get started with many of the ideas straight away.

•    Learn about all the different types of visual strategies that you could use with your child- photos, symbols, social stories, video modeling, comic strips, scheduling, picture sequences etc
•    Determine which visual strategies are suitable for your child.
•    Discover how to maximize your child's connection with the visual strategies you are implementing for best results

Created for parents and professionals
Includes DVD 6 & 7 - Learn part 1 and 2 as well as accompanying training handouts

The Benefits of Learning Through DVDs

Benefits for Parents:

  1. Professionals often don’t have time during your appointments/sessions to train and educate you. So this training is vital because you spend more time than anyone else with your child and can therefore make the greatest impact on a day-to-day basis, if you know how.
  2. It is a much more cost effective way of intensively being trained by a specialist in autism
  3. You can watch these DVDs at a time that suits you (eg: when the kids have gone to bed)
  4. It is an effective and interesting way to learn information (rather than through books) as most people are visual learners
  5. You can view the material over and over again so that you understand and retain the information
  6. You can lend the program to your child’s teachers to help train them and to help ensure that your child’s program is holistic

Benefits for Professionals:

  1. It is an interesting and effective way of learning an enormous amount of information in a short period of time
  2. This DVD program saves you the time of having to find high quality and effective information yourself
  3. It is more cost effective than attending courses and taking leave from work
  4. It's a great way of training other staff members and increasing their knowledge in a short period of time

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