Core Philosophies

Our Core Philosophies

Empowering Parents and Caregivers
All parents and caregivers need to play a role in their child’s treatment, no matter how big or small. In our experience, the greater your involvement, the greater the results for your child. We give you the knowledge and confidence to play the most active and effective role you possibly can.

Creating ‘Connection’
We believe that ‘Connection’ needs to be at the centre of all interactions with your child for effective learning to occur. This is best achieved through a relationship building and developmental approach, working with your child’s natural strengths and motivations. The more they enjoy therapy, the more effectively they will learn.

Building Foundation Skills
Before any new skills can be learned, we show you where your child is breaking down in development. We then go back and build the missing foundation skills inhibiting your child’s progress, that would typically develop in the first 18 months of life. During this process, you will gain an incredible understanding of how social, communication and sensory-motor skills develop and how each skill is an important stepping-stone for the next.

Effective Results Through Parent Training
Effective treatment is not a couple of hours a week with a therapist. Best results are gained through consistent, daily intervention. Connect Therapy gives you the skills to incorporate effective, complementary therapy into your family’s daily life, so you can make every interaction with your child a fabulous learning opportunity.