Part 2 – Why ‘Play’ is SO Important for Children With Autism

Monique Simpson

Last week I promised to do Part 2 of Why Play is SO Important for Children with Autism. (If you missed Part 1 you can find it here).

But the thing is, we decided to try video blogging, which I’m really excited about! However it took us much longer than expected to get Part 2 ready.

So anyway, I’m sorry it’s late, but here it is as promised…

Part 2 in shiny new video format!

The first video below looks at the importance of stage 3 of play development – Imaginary Play, while the second video gives you some great tips on how to use Imaginary Play to help your child (or those children that you treat).

Stage 3 – What is Imaginary Play? (18 min)

Tips on How to use Imaginary Play to Help Your Child (10 min)

I’m excited about creating my weekly tips on video because it will just bring everything to life! And now instead of reading through long pages of text, you will be able to see and hear me in person, which I hope you will find far more personable and easy to digest and no doubt sometimes even a little entertaining. 🙂

But as with anything new…
I’d really love to get your thoughts on the new video format.
Do you like it? Did the video play ok for you? Should I do more videos or stick with good old text and links??

Either way, please have your say and let us know so we can keep producing more of what you like, how you like it.

Till next week

P.S: If you have any thoughts or stories to share about this week’s article please leave your comments in the box provided below.

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