The key message of this online autism workshop is that the focus and implementation of speech therapy intervention for children with autism, aspergers or pdd-nos is very different than the therapy carried out with children with other language delays and disorders. Therefore I believe that speech therapy that focusses exclusively on ASD is essential for effective treatment.

The primary difference is that children diagnosed on the autism spectrum have significant social challenges that impact upon their communication development and these cannot be ignored. These social deficits are often skills that should have been developed in the first 18 months of the child's life, but they haven't, so this impacts upon their interaction and communication development. Therefore as speech therapists, in therapy it is critical that we go back and treat these core social challenges so that the child can go on and develop social and communication skills in a more typical fashion.

One of my main aims in creating this workshop was to help shift the way that speech therapists, parents and teachers work with children on the autism spectrum. By helping these people work more effectively with autistic kids via an online workshop, I hope to be able to assist many more families indirectly. It is also my goal that parents and carers will have greater access to speech therapists and teachers who are trained with special knowledge and skills needed for treating children with autism, aspergers and pdd-nos.

To Parents, Carers, Therapists and Teachers...

To Parents, Carers, Therapists and Teachers...

Do you wonder how effective your childs Speech Therapy is? Is it making a real difference to their day-to-day functioning?

Do you wonder how effective your child's Speech Therapy is? Is it making a real difference to their day-to-day functioning?

Discover How to Work More Effectively With Children on the Autism Spectrum

Discover How this Online Autism Workshop can Help You Work More Effectively With Children Autism, ASD and Aspergers

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After 17 years working exclusively in the treatment of children with autism, Monique Simpson shares her wealth of knowledge in this fresh new workshop!

"Effective Speech Therapy... What Works and What Doesn't"

A 4-hour training workshop that speech pathologist and respected Autism expert Monique Simpson presented around Australia to over 500 speech pathologists, teachers, parents, carers and other health professionals working with children with Autism.

The workshop is informative, practical and easy to follow with many case studies and video demonstrations.

96% of attendees said that they would make changes to their therapy as a result of this workshop!!

" You are a fantastic presenter. You covered clearly and efficiently in 4 hours what others cannot do in 2 days! "

" Thank you! Excellent Workshop. Wanted more! "

What You Will Learn
effective speech therapy, autism workshop

What is effective speech pathology for children with ASD and why it is very different from typical speech therapy.

Monique reveals the 5 Guiding Principles that form the foundations of effective speech therapy for children with Autism.

Guiding principles, speech therapy, children with autism and aspergers
social and communication skills, treat child with autism

Introduction to Monique's popular Social and Communication Model, which is used as a roadmap to go back and treat the earliest skills that the child is having challenges with.

How understanding a child's Individual Differences can mean the difference between success and failure in therapy.

individual differences, autistic child, successful speech therapy
Relationship building and developmental speech therapist

Why using a Relationship Building and Developmental approach to intervention is effective.

Lots of practical therapy techniques for addressing the core social challenges of children diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

speech therapy techniques for children with aspergers and autism, online workshop
train parents, online autism workshop about speech therapy

Why parent training is essential to successful therapy with simple tips and tools for up-skilling parents

...Plus much more

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What Attendees Had to Say...
*All comments are from real attendees collected via anonymous feedback forms.

"Fantastic, very practical! Best Professional Development workshop I have been to!"

"Thank you to Monique for being so generous in sharing her knowledge and expertise and for the very enjoyable, helpful video footage."
"Very good, well organised & presented sessions. Thank you!!"
"I felt it exceeded my expectations! It has perfectly complimented other general PDs I have attended by being more speech pathology driven."

"Absolutely loved the presenter! Easy to listen to & felt she gave relevant & applicable therapy ideas / stategies for parents."

"I very much enjoyed the Introductory Workshop sessions... Being in a rural location I LOVE the workshops being online."

"Knowledge and passion of presenter was exciting!"

"Very inspiring - I'm glad I'm not the only one doing those "silly" therapy activites. Fantastic framework for thinking about therapy."

"Great course, learnt lots. Great presentation!"

"Monique is an engaging presenter with useful information to share. It's reassuring to know that I'm already using a similar approach, and have gained some more tools/resources/ideas to support the application. Thank you very much - a well organised event."

"Excellent presentation - most informative. Would love to attend future workshops. Found video footage most helpful!"

"Fantastic presentation style, format of slides and use of video in this presentation. I feel inspired!"

"Great workshop with practical and easily digestible info! Really like the Social and Communication model. Fantastic resource to use with families and for our own goal setting."

"Good job --> Loved watching your therapy techniques! Very fresh!"

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge & expertise. It was definitely worth flying over from Adelaide for the day. Found that many of these principals would also be applied to general language delayed clients & I look forward to trialing some of these skills. Loved the developmental chart which I think will come in really handy."x

"Thanks for sharing your experiences & great templates / handouts. Some of this confirms what we already know but is put into a great framework!"

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