Autism Essentials DVD Training Program

Autism Essentials DVD Training Program
9hrs 15min
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Monique Simpson
About Monique
Monique is a Sydney based speech pathologist who has worked exclusively in the treatment of children with ASD since 1998. She is the founder of Connect Therapy and regarded as one of Australia's leading clinical experts, speakers and trainers in the treatment of children with Autism. Read More »


Running Time: 9hrs 15min


The Complete Program for Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential

Uniquely designed to rapidly increase your knowledge of your own child’s sensory, emotional, thinking, learning and behavioural patterns. It will provide you with invaluable information and empower you with the skills and practical know-how to create a powerful vision for your child’s treatment, giving you confidence and hope.

You will learn some of the most effective strategies, techniques and therapy ideas to help your child. We show you what to do and take the time to explain exactly how to do it in ways that are easy to understand and apply. Without even realising it, you will be creating a powerful, respectful, fun and motivating learning environment for your child. They will love it!

Created by Monique Simpson; Autism expert, Speech Pathologist and founder of Connect Therapy, the program incorporates over 16 years of knowledge and experience in one package that we truly believe is one of the most effective ways to help your child reach their full potential.


The Complete Training Program includes...

  • The complete series of 8 step-by-step, powerful, educational DVD's - Over 10 hours of face-to-face therapy and training with some of the best information on autism available, that will greatly increase your understanding of your child and develop your skills.
  • The 100+ page Program Training Manual full of valuable exercises and critical information about your child.
  • Fantastic therapy techniques and tips from 16 years of clinical experience all in one package.
  • The 3 Bonus Audios ($90.00 value) - 2 hours of Monique's best recommendations and advice on how to help improve your child's language, listening and social skills.

who I am

Volume 1 - Who I Am

Running time: 45 min

This is an important start to your journey with your child.

It is essential that you first understand more about how a typical person senses, thinks and feels, the different learning styles and types of behaviour before you can begin to understand and help a more complicated individual like your child with autism. This DVD lays a brilliant foundation for having the greatest impact on your child's development.

Sense Part 1

Volume 2 - Sense Part 1

Running time: 33 min

Sense Part 1 looks at the way your child receives and processes information in order to get through his/her day, where they are breaking down and what you can do about it.

It is so important to have a good understanding of your child's sensory processing because it is a crucial element to all learning.

People with autism have difficulty interpreting the world around them, which is often related to challenges with sensory processing. If they are not processing the incoming 'sensory' information correctly they will misinterpret situations, making life very difficult for them.

  • How the various sensory systems can affect crucial areas of your child's development.
  • Discover exactly where your child is breaking down in their sensory processing.
  • Discover a variety of strategies that will help your child stay calm and organized in their body so that they can function at their peak throughout the day.

Sense Part 2

Volume 3 - Sense Part 2

Running time: 70 min

In Sense part 2 we explore what you can do at home to help your child process information and learn more effectively.

I show you how to carry out particular activities with your child and work on their specific challenges.This DVD is very practical and there are loads of strategies that you can begin using immediately!

  • Find out if your child has any specific issues that can affect feeding and talking.
  • Learn how to treat your child's feeding issues.
  • Discover an abundant different touch, movement and visual activities that will assist in the development of your child's sensory systems.
  • How to analyze, understand and treat your child's repetitive behaviors and rituals.


Volume 4 - Feel

Running time: 45 min

Understanding and being able to manage your child's challenging emotions is incredibly important to help your child learn more effectively and enable them to lead a calm, happy and fulfilling life.

The Feel DVD will teach you what is going on in your child's head when they are experiencing emotions such as stress, fear and anger and what you can do to help your child calm down as quickly and as effectively as possible.

  • Understand how your child's brain functions when they are trying to process stressful emotions.
  • Find out why your child seems so much more emotional than other individuals.
  • Discover strategies that you can use when your child is experiencing low and high levels of stress and anxiety
  • How to put together a simple plan for your child that will help them remain calm throughout their day and in a much better state for learning.
  • Learn some simple strategies that you can put in place throughout your day to keep yourself as calm and relaxed as possible.


Volume 5 - Think

Running time: 60 min

This DVD takes you inside your child's mind to work out what they are thinking, comparing their thought processing patterns with a typical child. Understanding these important differences is essential to helping you connect more effectively with your child because you have a greater appreciation of how he or she ticks.

I take you through the different parts of the brain and use other interesting teaching tools to help explain to you concepts like

  • motor planning,
  • executive functioning
  • theory of mind
  • attention tunneling
  • and much more

Do not worry if these terms don’t make much sense to you right now. I take the time to explain each of them in simple and easy to follow language.  This information is critical to the understanding of your child or the clients that you treat.

Learn Part 1

Volume 6 - Learn Part 1

Running time: 1hr 35min

This DVD takes a practical look at ways of working on your child's language and communication development. It contains vital information that will assist your child's learning in these areas.

  • How can you assist your child's language development
  • Help your child to listen and understand language more effectively.
  • Discover how you can maximize your child's ability to remember the information they are being taught and how to help them use these skills in other settings.
  • How to analyze your child's communication skills
  • Discover how your child forms memories
  • Uncover the questions that you need to ask yourself when trying to generate goals for your child.
  • Gain tips that will help your child process and learn instructions, questions and concepts faster and more effectively.

Learn Part 2

Volume 7 - Learn Part 2

Running time: 2hrs 5min

Children with autism are often incredibly visual learners. In this DVD you will learn how you can maximize this strength so you can help your child learn concepts, communication, social skills, self help and many other skills in the fastest way possible.

Learn Part 2 is a comprehensive 'how to' guide. It gives you a complete overview of the many visual strategies that you can use with your child such as social stories, scheduling, video modeling, picture sequences, comic strips etc.

We actually go into the home of one of our families and show you how you can practically implement these techniques throughout your child's day. You will be able to get started with many of the ideas straight away.

  • Learn about all the different types of visual strategies that you could use with your child- photos, symbols, social stories, video modeling, comic strips, scheduling, picture sequences etc
  • Determine which visual strategies are suitable for your child.
  • Discover how to maximize your child's connection with the visual strategies you are implementing for best results.


Volume 8 - Behave

Running time: 1hr 20min

Knowing how to understand and manage your child's behavior is essential if you want your child to be as happy and relaxed as possible.

The Behave DVD deals with the behavior of children with autism and gives you powerful tools and strategies that you can use to analyze and manage your child's different behaviors in the most effective and practical way. You will be empowered with the information to uncover what is really going on for your child when they are behaving in unusual ways.

  • Find out how to analyze your child's behavior
  • Learn how to carry out a 'task analysis' that will help you pitch activities at the right complexity level for your child.
  • Be taught about a variety of 'touch' learning strategies.
  • Thoroughly analyze one instance of a 'troubling time' for your child.
  • Discover an abundance of ways of dealing with your child's inappropriate behavior


Autism Essentials Training Manual

Over 100 pages full of lessons, exercises, checklists and important information about your child.

Training Manual

Click here to see Full Contents

The manual is clearly laid out into chapters to correspond with each of the DVD's. The information is easy to understand and the exercises are motivating and fun. It will help you understand your child in a wide variety of developmental areas as well as taking a closer look at specific behavior and emotional issues.





You will also receive these 3 Bonus Audios - $90 value

Instant audio downloads you will be able to access as soon as you receive the program. These audios contain vital information that is fundamental to successfully improving your child's development, social skills, communication skills and ability to learn new things. We recommend that you listen to these before watching any of the DVDs!

The concepts, tips and strategies discussed are some of Monique's most valuable lessons and cover the exact same techniques that she uses with her clients every week.

With just a few mouse clicks you will have acccess to the knowledge to start helping your child's listening, talking and social skills. Even if you decide to return the DVDs, you can keep all 3 audios!



Bonus Audio #1
7 Steps to Unlocking Your Child's Social Skills

This audio reveals the 7 fundamental steps needed for building strong social skills and a solid foundation for all future learning. It shows you how to help your child build amazing relationships with you and others and as a result, learn far more effectively.

The reason children with autism find this so challenging is because often they have not learnt the necessary skills that typically develop in the first 12-18 months of life. With these essential building blocks in place, you will be able to teach your child the many things that you dream for them; great communication and conversation skills, socialisation with peers, compliance, improved behaviour and day to day functioning, academic skills etc, etc. In order to achieve these goals and aspirations for your child this audio is a great way to start.

It is these fundamental 'socialisation' skills that teach your child the joys of interacting and learning from others, which is critical to their development. Without going back and addressing these skills, a child with autism will continue to develop in a ‘disordered’ way. This audio will help create a great foundation for all future social skills training in your child’s life!



Bonus Audio #2
How to Help Your Child Listen and Learn?

Equips you with powerful strategies to greatly improve your child's ability to listen and consequently learn.

This audio (downloadable recording) addresses the frustrations of your child not listening to you. While most parents would agree this aspect is not limited to children on the spectrum, it is almost always more prevalent in children with autism.

In this audio I specifically address the areas of…

  • Multiprocessing and how challenges in this area of development can affect your child’s listening and comprehension abilities
  • How to pitch your language at the ‘just right’ level to facilitate your child’s comprehension
  • How to know which aspect of language you should be targeting next
  • Tips on how to help your child follow instructions that you ask of him/her
  • Improving the way that you talk to your child so that they are driven to listen to you
  • Increasing your child’s auditory attention to language so that you do not feel that you need to repeat yourself over and over again
  • How you can use visual supports to help improve auditory listening and comprehension skills




Bonus Audio #3
How Can I Help My Child to Talk?

This audio is 60 minutes long and will walk you through some simple things you can do right now to prepare your child for talking. It isn't magic but it is a powerful step by step guide with easy to follow strategies you can begin using immediately to help your child talk.

Suitable for both verbal and non-verbal children.

NOTE: If your child is already using language, this audio can be very helpful in building the foundation skills to assist them in using language even more effectively.

Many children with Autism have not developed the foundation skills necessary for early speech development. These 'Pre-Communication Skills' typically develop in children in the first 12-18 months. However this is often not the case for children with Autism, which is why they struggle so much with communication.

It doesn't matter whether your child is 12 months or 15 years of age, they still need to develop these foundation skills first, in order to be able to use their language effectively. It is possible!

This is also often the reason why children have so much trouble learning to comment about their immediate experiences and what they did at preschool/school because they do not have the fundamental social-communication skills that drive them to want to use their language in this way.

As I have experienced with all my clients, I can assure you that when these foundation skills are in place, the language just follows!

More specifically this recording will give you the knowledge and skills to…

  • Improve your child’s desire to communicate with you
  • Help your child to be more interested when communicating with you
  • Help increase your child's attention span when communicating with you.
  • How to respond to your child’s tantrums and crying and other forms of inappropriate communication.
  • How advancing your child’s non-verbal communication (eg: facial expressions, gesturing, pointing etc) will help lead to effective use of language
  • Improve your child’s control over their lips, tongue, jaw and voice for speech
  • ...and lots more


The Benefits of Learning Through DVDs

Benefits for Parents:

  1. Professionals often don’t have time during your appointments/sessions to train and educate you. So this training is vital because you spend more time than anyone else with your child and can therefore make the greatest impact on a day-to-day basis, if you know how.
  2. It is a far more cost effective way of being intensively trained by an expert in autism
  3. You can watch these DVDs at a time that suits you (eg: when the kids have gone to bed)
  4. It is an effective and interesting way to learn information (rather than through books) as most people are visual learners
  5. You can view the material over and over again so that you understand and retain the information
  6. You can lend the program to your child’s teachers to help train them and to help ensure that your child’s program is holistic

Benefits for Professionals:

  1. It is an interesting and effective way of learning an enormous amount of information in a short period of time
  2. This DVD program saves you the time of having to find high quality and effective information yourself
  3. It is more cost effective than attending courses and taking leave from work
  4. It's a great way of training other staff members and increasing their knowledge in a short period of time

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Product Reviews

  1. I highly recommend the DVDs as an important background to understanding your child’s development

    Posted by Kylie Jones - Special Ed Teacher, Sydney on 5th Mar 2012

    As teachers and therapy practitioners we aim to find that “just right” challenge for the children we teach.The Autism Essentials DVDs provide an important source of information for learning about the different stages that children must move through to achieve higher goals such as communication and language.

    I highly reccommend the DVDs as an important background to understanding your child’s development.

  2. I can highly recommend this program

    Posted by Robin Mitchell - Speech Pathologist, Sydney on 23rd Sep 2009

    Having worked with children with an autism spectrum disorder for 17 years and having used the Autism Essentials In-Home DVD Training Program with parents, I can highly recommend this program.

    The DVD package gives parents an opportunity to learn in-depth of how their child perceives and interprets their world as well as gaining access to numerous practical strategies to help their child.

    The DVDs are explicit, clear and easy to understand although packed with information with the benefit that parents can watch them over and over.

    The accompanying manual supports parents’ learning by including numerous activities to complete during the course of the program and enabling parents to individualise strategies for their own child. The DVD also allows parents to watch the DVDs at their own pace.

    I was able to experience the delight parents had at finally understanding why their child behaved as s/he did and being empowered to have the knowledge and skills to help their child connect with our world.

  3. By far the most informative and enlightning guidance I have received to date!

    Posted by Kellie O'Dwyer - Glen Iris, Victoria on 18th Feb 2009

    "The Autism Essential DVD Program is by far THE BEST, MOST INFORMATIVE and ENLIGHTENING collective of information and guidance that I have recieved to date!

    I cannot express my gratitude to you for giving and sharing this invaluable insight to understanding autism. Even though I am only half way through disc 6, please know that the knowlegde of persepective has been a wonderful thing.

    To finally understand the way my child interperates the world and the way the world may impact on him, has really given me a better insight into the guidance and support that I can provide him in everyday life. I feel that I am able to approach and work with his therapists with a greater comprehension of his needs and not just trust blind faith.

    Knowlegde is power! Now I don't feel so helpless, for this I thankyou."

  4. Finally we have the answers we have been searching for.

    Posted by Talei Stephenson - Darling Point on 18th Nov 2007

    After watching 3 DVDs I have already noticed significant changes after implementing some of the strategies. I can’t believe the wealth of knowledge you teach in each video.
    Thank you for your program, it is a “God send.” Thank you Connect Therapy, finally we have the answers we have been searching for.

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