Testimonials from other Autism Professionals

“…I can highly recommend this program.”

Robin Mitchell - Speech Therapist“Having worked with children with an autism spectrum disorder for 17 years and having used the Autism Essentials™ In-Home DVD Training Program with parents, I can highly recommend this program.

The DVD package gives parents an opportunity to learn in-depth of how their child perceives and interprets their world as well as gaining access to numerous practical strategies to help their child.

The DVDs are explicit, clear and easy to understand although packed with information with the benefit that parents can watch them over and over.

The accompanying manual supports parents’ learning by including numerous activities to complete during the course of the program and enabling parents to individualise strategies for their own child. The DVD also allows parents to watch the DVDs at their own pace.

I was able to experience the delight parents had at finally understanding why their child behaved as s/he did and being empowered to have the knowledge and skills to help their child connect with our world.”

~ Robin Mitchell (BAppSc)
Speech Pathologist – Sydney


“I highly recommend the DVDs as an important background to understanding your child’s development.”

Kylie Jones - Special Ed Teacher“As teachers and therapy practitioners we aim to find that “just right” challenge for the children we teach.The Autism Essentials DVDs provide an important source of information for learning about the different stages that children must move through to achieve higher goals such as communication and language.

I highly reccommend the DVDs as an important background to understanding your child’s development.”

~ Kylie Jones (BaDip)
Special Education & Early Childhood Teacher – Sydney


“We are soooo grateful for this program,
it has literally rescued our child.”

“Sorry for not writing you earlier. Your program is absolutely wonderful. It has totally changed our lives.

Although I am a medical doctor, our child had problems which we did not understand and which we were not able to handle. I suspected a very mild form of autism, so that is how I stumbled upon your site when doing some internet searches.

This program let EVERYTHING fall into its own place, we are now able to understand the whole picture, and what is even much better, we are able to handle it, so we now know how to calm her down when she is upset or overwhelmed. We are soooo grateful for this program, it has literally rescued our child.

As soon as we started to apply what we had learned there was a dramatic improvement visible, resulting in a happier and more confident child, and in a more pleasant atmosphere at home. We still have a journey to go (especially where it comes to socializing), but we feel confident we are on the right track.

A BIG thank you and a BIG hug for you!!! (And also, as a medical doctor I learned soo much about autism from you, wonderful, I wished I could help more of these children to help them reach their full potential!!!)

~ Dr Jan Bens, MD
Medical Doctor and parent – Netherlands


“…to say that it has changed our lives is an understatement.”

“Our son was diagnosed at 3 years of age with autism. He had limited language, social skills and connection to his world. He felt great feelings of frustration and we were at a real loss as how to really help him at home.

Previous therapies were difficult as they were not carried out in a familiar environment and the style of therapy was basically not enjoyable or motivating for him or any of the family. I am very grateful that Connect Therapy has been a part of our lives for almost 2 years and to say that it has changed our lives is an understatement.

Our son is now five years old. Thanks to Connect Therapy he is now confident, happy and rarely frustrated. His language has improved enormously from single words to now participating in conversations. He has an enquiring mind and has formed great relationships with family and friends.

Connect Therapy has given us a powerful understanding of our son and we now know how to help him achieve his full potential.”

~ Vanessa and Andrew
Autism Association Special Ed Teacher and parent – Sydney


“…she has made such amazing changes in the lives of children with ASD and their families.”

“Having worked in association with Monique for more than 7 years now, it is easy for me to see how she has made such amazing changes in the lives of children with ASD and their families. Monique brings passion, dedication, experience and sound knowledge to Connect Therapy. She strongly believes in empowering families to gain the skills to communicate and understand their children holistically. In this way, families do not become dependent on therapists and are able to make differences to their child’s development every day.

She understands the importance of children having a balanced “sensory diet” to help them function optimally and regulate their behaviour. We love that she has such a good understanding of occupational therapy.

We find it easier to work with families who are involved in Connect Therapy as the parents have great knowledge and are confident communicating with their children. As a result the families help their children to develop their skills faster.

Monique is an innovative therapist and Connect Therapy is a great program for families.

~ Bev Clarke (BAppSc)
Bev Clarke Occupational Therapy – Sydney