Information For Professionals

Connect Therapy’s founder Monique Simpson has a great passion for helping support and train other professionals (i.e: speech pathologists, teachers and various organisations) in their work with children and families diagnosed with ASD, Aspergers and PDD-NOS.

Monique is able to provide support to professionals in the following ways:

Autism Essentials DVD Training Program

* Eligible for Fahcsia Funding *

The Autism Essentials DVD Program is a training tool that can be used in a number of ways by various allied health professionals and teachers:

  • Professional Development – To rapidly increase YOUR OWN knowledge of the unique sensory, emotional, thinking, learning and behavioural patterns of children diagnosed with ASD, Asperger’s or PDD-NOS. It will provide you with invaluable information and empower you with the skills and practical know-how to create a powerful vision for your student’s treatment.
  • Parent Training – To empower the parents of your students/clients with the knowledge and skills that will help you all work more effectively as a team. As we all know finding the time to train and educate parents during appointments/meetings can be tricky so we have put together over 10 hours of video footage as well as a training manual which will save you time and ensure that the parents are equipped with the necessary knowledge that will generate great results.
  • Service waiting lists – To help support families that are on your waiting lists. When families are ready to commence therapy/schooling you will find that they are much more empowered and knowledgeable and very keen to get started with therapy.

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Autism Workshops

Our workshops train speech pathologists on how to use the most current and effective therapy techniques with children with autism so that they can make a real difference in the child’s program immediately.

Connect Therapy founder Monique Simpson shares over 12 years of specialist knowledge and is well known for her informative, practical and thought provoking presentations that help inspire professionals to achieve even greater results in their treatment programs.

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