Autism Training Resources

We have created several training resources specifically designed to help parents of children diagnosed with autism as well as professionals. It is our passion to equip others with as much knowledge and skill as possible so that they feel supported and confident in helping the child with ASD reach their full potential.

Our training products may be used on their own or alongside other interventions.

Who are our products most relevant for?

  • Families with a child diagnosed with ASD, PDD-NOS or Aspergers, ranging from 2-14 years of age
  • Families stuck on waiting lists who want to take action
  • Families with a newly diagnosed child
  • Families involved in therapies that lack effective parent training
  • Families living in remote or regional areas with limited access to treatment programs and specialist help
  • Families that would like to play a more active role in their child’s treatment so that they can make every interaction with them a fabulous learning opportunity

Why we created our training products

  • We need resources to help families who are interested in Connect Therapy but whom we were are unable to service due to our large caseload
  • We wanted to be able to help families living in regional areas, interstate and in other countries
  • Not all families are able to afford ‘one-on-one’ therapy services for their child. We wanted to capture what has worked for our clients over the last decade and make it available and affordable for all families
  • A range of professionals and organisations expressed an interest in learning how to work more effectively with children on the spectrum or required practical resources for training staff