Testimonials about our therapy and Monique

“It will be the best gift you can give to your child.”

Moira Gazzard

“At the age of 3 our son, Luke, was diagnosed with autism. At the time, he said only a few words, he easily frustrated, tantrums were frequent, communication was difficult and he began to isolate himself from other children. We did not know how to reach him.

Shortly after Luke’s diagnosis we were fortunately directed to Monique Simpson and her Connect Therapy program. We were attracted to Monique’s extensive experience and unique style of therapy.

One important aspect of Connect Therapy that our family found invaluable is that it educates the family on all aspects of autism. At the end of the program we knew what our son was going through physically, mentally and emotionally.

Connect Therapy has allowed us to take a step into Luke’s world and he a step into ours. As a family we are living in a more harmonious world together-no longer separated. We are all very optimistic about the future and look forward to Luke’s continued success.

If your child has recently been diagnosed with autism we can only say run, don’t walk to Connect Therapy. It will be the best gift you can give to your child.”

~ Moira and Leigh Gazzard
Parents – Elizabeth Bay

“…we came out of Connect with so much more
than learning how to help Mack.”

Grant and Tony Hollyman

“When Toni and I received the diagnosis on Mack, it was quite devastating. We were recommended to Monique very early on in the process and we are so pleased that we were!

The journey since then has been one of discovery, excitement, frustration, demand but most of all hope. At Connect Therapy we learnt so much about our little man but also about ourselves. Whilst we didn’t know what to expect and we didn’t necessarily have goals, we came out of Connect with so much more than learning how to help Mack.

We still have a mountain of work to complete with Mack but Monique and Emily have set us on the right track and whilst we still don’t know what will happen in the future (who does) we are sure that this program has been a very positive influence on our long and exciting journey. I would be happy to discuss this with anyone should they wish”

~ Grant and Toni Hollyman
Parents – Kareela

“…the most effective therapy we have encountered in 3 years.”

“After our son Nicholas was diagnosed with autism we tried various therapies. While they were somewhat helpful no one thought to explain to us how we could understand and get the most from our relationship with our son.

It wasn’t until we did Connect Therapy that we understood how autism effects Nicholas as an individual. We learnt to enjoy Nicholas more and learnt strategies to help Nicholas with issues that he faces each day.

We have seen his language and other skills develop with him enjoying the process. We would recommend Connect therapy to any parent who has an autistic child as the most effective therapy we have encountered in the 3 years we have been searching for help for our son.”

~ Rhonda and Joseph Bylhouwer
Parents – Carrs Park

“Connect Therapy has literally given us back our lost daughter”

Donna Bird

“When we first had a diagnosis for Zoe we felt that her life was already over before it had even begun.The doctors were all very negative telling us that she’ll never know who we are.

Since meeting monique 5 months ago, our lives have happily changed. Monique instilled such confidence in us making us feel that we can make a huge difference with Zoe.

Connect Therapy has literally given us back our lost daughter. She not only knows who we are, but she can tell us our names. We can honestly say that she is a very different child.

This program has given us so much knowledge and hope.We now have the understanding of Zoe’s challenges and have learned specifically how to make every interaction a learning experience and an environment of warmth and joy… the way life was supposed to be.

~ Donna Bird
Mother of Zoe – Merrylands

“Two Doctors recommended Monique’s program and we are so glad they did.”

“Thinking back prior to commencing the Connect Therapy course, my husband and I were devastated with our son’s diagnosis, ignorant as to what autism was and how it affected our child and confused as to what to do about it. The internet seemed to be filled with information about autism, but we had so many specific questions about our son and few answers.

Two Doctors recommended Monique’s program and we are so glad they did. It was like going back to school with a folder and homework and it was hard work. But we found out so much about ourselves and about our son. We now understand where he breaks down and why, why he finds it difficult to communicate and socialise and why he engages in repetitive behaviours. Our therapists addressed all these issues and more and showed us how to help change his behaviour through his sensory function.

We have learned how to speak and interact with our son and most importantly have fun together as a family. Connect Therapy has given us hope for the future. Thanks Monique .”

~ A. Evan
Mother – Burwood

“The progress that he has made since the onset of speech
is remarkable”

“Connect Therapy is an empowering education in autism. It gave us the knowledge that all affected parents should have of why their autistic children behave the way they do…

To see Ethan playing and interacting with his sisters is one of the greatest joys we have experienced. Ethan did not speak until he was six years of age. The progress that he has made since the onset of speech is remarkable and is due to a significant degree to Monique Simpson and her Connect Therapy program.”

~ Chris and Laura Frazis
Parents – Kensington

“The transformation in Anna has been
nothing short of miraculous”

“When Anna was diagnosed with autism we really didn’t know where to start. After speaking with specialists, searching the internet for therapies, filling in miles of paperwork and being placed on a number of waiting lists, we felt confused and angered that Anna could not be helped straight away.

Thankfully we came across a friend who had achieved wonderful results through the Connect Therapy program. Since starting the program we never looked back. The transformation in Anna has been nothing short of miraculous. Within 3 month’s Anna’s eye contact had improved quite dramatically and she also started to use single word speech nd initiate play. Seeing Anna connect with her family and with her environment brings us immense joy and hop of better things to come.

Connect Therapy is a must for parents who have just received a diagnosis of autism and are unsure of what to do first. It provides you with an abundant amount of knowledge and strategies that teach you how to really ‘connect’ with your child and how your child can connect with the world around them.”

~ Andrew and Terry Kouros
Parents of Anna – Bangor

“…we are now more confident and less anxious about
our child’s future.”

“Connect Therapy has provided us with the tools to understand our child’s behaviour and it’s associated physiological connections. It has empowered us with the knowledge and confidence to implement strategies that work in our daily lives. Most importantly Connect Therapy has taught us how to connect with our child and the importance this has to his overall development.

As parents we are now more confident and less anxious about our child’s future and better equipped to make informative decisions about our sons education program.”

~ K. Arronis
Parent – Brighton Le Sans

“…the effect that this is having on my son, fills me with
hope and happiness.”

“Monique’s passion and excitement in the ideas she presents, and the effect that this is having on my son, fills me with hope and happiness.

In such a short time my little boy who was non-verbal, is now starting to imitate sounds and some words. I feel inspired and empowered by what I am learning…

Monique sees my son as an individual and is able to show me the ways and tools to help and encourage me with his development. Working with Monique and following her guidance gives me the confidence to try things and as a family we are overwhelmed at his progress in what is such a short time.

Monique is supportive and enthusiastic. Her passion is genuine and I feel an indescribable amount of gratitude at the impact she is having on our family. Monique’s encouragement and ideas continue to give me the skills needed as my son’s needs constantly change.

Thank you Connect Therapy, you have made an incredible difference to our lives.”

~ Rebecca Ampomah Badu
Mother – Menai

“…a brilliant foundation from which your child will be able to get even more benefit from ABA and other programs…”

“The program has assisted my 4 year old daughter’s development whereby she now enjoys interacting with people and gives us lots of eye contact an I can see the emotion of joy in her face.

The program is very intense and detailed and has empowered me with strategies to assist my daughter with her difficulties with sensory processing. I am able to use the information gained whilst discussing my daughters progress, needs and future interventions with professionals and feel confident in doing so. I would recommend all families to do the Connect Therapy program before commencing an ABA or similar program.

It gives you the essential knowledge about exactly where your child is at to enable you to make the most relevant choice for his or her future treatment if you should need more. It also lays a brilliant foundation from which your child will be able to get even more benefit from ABA and other programs than they otherwise would have.

I found the key things about Connect Therapy that worked for us were the calming techniques e.g. the use of and electronic massager that my daughter uses everyday to help her self-regulate, keeps her calm, puts herself to sleep and keeps her functioning at her optimum level.

The main positive changes in our lives since we started is the connection I now have with my daughter. I get lots of hugs and kisses. My daughter is starting to imitate vocalize and initiate. I no longer feel helpless.”

~ Mary W
Parent – Ryde

“Connect Therapy is fun. Our son Andrew loves it! “

“Connect Therapy is fun. Our son Andrew, love it.

Previous therapies did not work for Andrew, because previous therapies did not teach us how to make Andrew connected to us in the first place. If there is no connection between us, Andrew is not going to learn anything from us.

Connect Therapy is play-based therapy, so Andrew enjoys it and he’s willing to participate.

Many thanks to Connect Therapy. Andrew is more connected to us now and he’s starting to use words to communicate.”

~ I. Lie

“…his laughter, giggles and facial expressions
can now light up a room.”

“We have been involved with Connect Therapy for 7 months and have seen the greatest improvements in Thomas. He has made significant gains in his sensory processing skills to the point where he will run along the beach, build sandcastles and fingerpaint.

He has greater want to play with us and his little brother. He enoys playing and his laughter, giggles and facial expressions can now light up a room. For a litle boy who had very few way to show emotion prior to Connect Therapy, this brings tears of joy to my husband and me.

We have learnt so much about Thomas and Thomas’s autism during the Connect Therapy program that we now feel confident and empowered to direct Thomas’s therapy to meet his needs and develop the areas that are lacking.

I feel that as a mother I have a new special bond with my little boy that I didn’t have before. I understand him now like a mother should and this has been the greatest gift that Connect Therapy has given me.

I could not recommend Connect Therapy more highly to anyone with a child with autism.”

~ A.Fitzgerald
Parent – NSW

“…our son has shown a marked improvement in
communicaton skills and behaviour.”

J Pickersgill“We started Connect Therapy shortly after our 4 year old son was diagnosed with ASD.

The obvious strength of this program is that it is specifically targetted to the needs of your child, and is not a ‘one size fits all’ strategy.

Our therapist built up an instant connection with our son, and willingly adapted techniques as required, showing the vast exerience of our therapist in teaching children with Autism.

Over the length of the program our son has shown a marked improvement in communicaton skills and behaviour. ”

~ J Pickersgill,
Parent – NSW