Full Marks for Fabulous Teachers

Monique Simpson

Today I experienced something at a client’s preschool which certainly added an extra spring to my step for the rest of the day…

It gives me such a buzz when I attend goal setting meetings at preschools and schools and the teachers truly celebrate the positive contribution that the child, diagnosed with autism, makes to the classroom.

This got me thinking…

‘Why are particular schools and preschools SO much better than others, for kids with ASD?’

Here are some of my initial thoughts that became very evident from my meeting today.

I highly value…

  1. Teachers that are open, full of energy and excited to trial new suggestions.
  2. Teachers that are creative and think of ways to incorporate the ideas with the rest of the class… because there are always other kids that can also benefit from the suggestions!
  3. Teachers that are naturally inclined to find the positive in what the child has done and can readily see the good as well as the improvements (no matter how big or small)
  4. Teachers that are open to trying something new and are happy to get in there and give it a go!
  5. When parents, teachers and therapists can all agree on the type of intervention approach that is best for the child. Eg: today we were all celebrating Tom’s great social skills with his ‘typical’ peers which have come about because the whole team has worked so hard on building the fundamental sensory, social and communication skills that are necessary before peer relationships can successfully develop. Now Tom is reaping the benefits of this hard work!

It really makes such a difference when there is an open and respectful relationship between the parents, teachers and therapists, so that everyone is working positively together to make a REAL difference for the child!

Needless to say, I had a great day today :)

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Best wishes


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