Using Fahcsia Funding

Connect Therapy is an approved autism service provider under the “Helping Children With Autism” package initiated by the Australian government in 2008 to provide financial assistance to families with a child with autism.

Using Your Funding to Purchase Resources

Many families are not aware that up to 35 per cent of a child’s Early Intervention funding may be used to purchase resources, to a maximum of $2,100 per financial year. This includes training DVDs, online learning programs, therapy equipment, etc. Books and some other resources are not eligible at this time.

Fortunately the Autism Essentials DVD Training Program qualifies as a resource that families may purchase using their funding.

Resources need to be assessed by an Early Intervention Panel Provider (usually your therapist) as being integral to the child’s therapy. Once you have received the go ahead from your panel provider parents can purchase resources directly and claim back the cost through their panel provider using their funding.

The following link provides some more questions and answers on purchasing resources with Early Intervention funding.