Therapy Services

Connect Therapy offers specialised services to fit in with the needs of each child and family.

Our services are carried out at our practice and in the schools of the children we treat. We believe that it is very important to get to know the child and family in their main social and communication environments so that we can create a highly individualised and effective treatment plan.

We use a relationship building and developmental approach in our treatment which has been primarily inspired and adapted from the following approaches:

  • Dr Stanley Greenspan and DIR (Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-Based)
  • The Son-Rise approach – developed by The Kaufman family
  • RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) –  developed by Dr Gutstein
  • Sensory Integration Therapy

In-Home Therapy Program

Intensive 4 month speech and occupational therapy program carried out in the family home. Families also have the option of ongoing therapy at the completion of the program.

This program is all about empowering parents with the knowledge and skills that can make a real difference in the treatment of their child. During the program the Connect speech and occupational therapists help families to understand where their particular child is breaking down in their social, communication and sensory motor development.

We then design a unique treatment plan for the child and teach the families how to carry out effective therapy as part of everyday living so that they can make each interaction with them a fabulous learning opportunity. By the end of the program parents feel incredibly confident, empowered and skilled in the treatment of their child.

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Other Therapy Services

  • Speech Therapy Consultations in the family’s home or clinic
  • Video Analysis
  • Phone Consultations
  • Remote and Regional Consultations by request

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