How to Help your Child Talk

How to Help your Child Talk
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54 min

Product Description

Step by step guide with easy to follow strategies you can begin using immediately to help your child talk.

This audio is very suitable for both verbal and non-verbal children with autism.

Many children with Autism have not developed the foundation skills necessary for early speech development. These 'Pre-Communication Skills' typically develop in children in the first 12-18 months. However this is often not the case for children with Autism, which is why they struggle so much with communication.
It doesn't matter whether your child is 12 months or 15 years of age, they still need to develop these foundation skills first, in order to be able to use their language effectively. It is possible!

This is also often the reason why children have so much trouble learning to comment about their immediate experiences and what they did at preschool/school because they do not have the fundamental social-communication skills that drive them to want to use their language in this way.
As I have experienced with all my clients, I can assure you that when these foundation skills are in place, the language just follows!

More specifically this recording will give you the knowledge and skills to…

  • Improve your child’s desire to communicate with you
  • Help your child to be more interested when communicating with you
  • Help increase your child's attention span when communicating with you.
  • How to respond to your child’s tantrums and crying and other forms of inappropriate communication.
  • How advancing your child’s non-verbal communication (eg: facial expressions, gesturing, pointing etc) will help lead to effective use of language
  • Improve your child’s control over their lips, tongue, jaw and voice for speech
  • ...and lots more

The benefits of learning through Audio Products
Monique Simpson has a way of presenting this information so that it is interesting to listen to. She provides many practical examples throughout the audio that are presented with so much expression that you feel like you are there!

Other benefits:

  1. You can download the information straight away and start learning from the material immediately
  2. You feel like you are sitting and listening to Monique in a more personal manner
  3. These audios contain lots of examples where the use of changes in pitch, tone and volume help bring the examples to life
  4. You can listen to the information at a time that suits you, in the comfort of your own home

As soon as you order, we'll email you simple instructions on how to download the audio straight to your computer. With just a few mouse clicks you will be able to begin listening to the audio straight away and discover exactly what you can do to start improving your child's development.

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  1. Thank you...for the opportunity!

    Posted by Lmad on 1st Dec 2012

    What an awesome prize. My son is ausiittc and was originally diagnosed as severe with no language whatsoever. He did ABA for five years, it saved his life and ours. He is now a walking, talking, healthy, happy, non frustrated teenager who is ready to take on life! He is passed his ABA days but still goes to a school for children with autism so I will pass this along!If I were to win it would get passed on to New Heights Learning Services. They would get SO much use out of it! Thank you and the company for the opportunity!

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