Step by Step Guide to Social and Communication Development

Step by Step Guide to Social and Communication Development
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Working with Children with Autism

The Step by Step Guide to Social and Communication Development

Duration: 7 hours. Presented online over 8 videos


After 17 years working exclusively in the treatment of children with autism, Monique Simpson shares her wealth of knowledge in this advanced guide to social and communication development in children diagnosed with ASD, Autism and PDD-NOS.

This content rich, full-day training workshop was presented around Australia for speech pathologists, other therapists, carers and parents. It greatly builds on the knowledge that participants gained from her introductory workshop “Effective Speech Pathology...What works and what doesn’t”. It is strongly recommended that you understand the concepts and ideas presented in the introductory workshop before moving onto this workshop.

Feedback from attendees

You are a fantastic presenter. You covered clearly and efficiently in 7 hours what others cannot do in 3 days! Speech Pathologist

Thank you – Excellent Workshop. Wanted more! Parent

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Monique Simpson BApp.Sc (Sp Path)
Founder of Connect Therapy and well-respected Sydney speech pathologist. Regarded as one of Australia’s leading clinical experts, trainers and speakers in the treatment of children with ASD.

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The Workshop

This workshop successfully supports participants in developing their understanding and treatment of the social and communication challenges of children diagnosed with ASD, PDD-NOS and Aspergers, using a relationship building and developmental approach to intervention.


The workshop is centred around Monique’s Social and Communication model, which numerous parents and professionals have found to be an invaluable resource. It provides a structured and developmental framework for treatment which supports parents, speech pathologists and other therapists/teachers working with children on the autism spectrum. This workshop begins at the centre of the model and systematically works through to the outer layers, using many case studies and video demonstrations to support the teachings.

Who will benefit most from this workshop

  • ›› Parents, carers and therapists who work with a child/ren diagnosed with ASD, Aspergers and PDD-NOS who feel that they would benefit from an in depth analysis of Social and Communication development and learn how to practically apply this knowledge when treating a child on the autism spectrum.
  • ›› Parents, carers and therapists interested in or using a developmental therapy approach.
  • ›› Speech pathologists, other therapists, teachers, parents and carers working in early intervention (ie 0-6 years). We have also received positive feedback from attendees working with school-aged children who found the workshop very informative and thought provoking.
  • ›› Anyone who has completed Monique’s introductory workshop Effective Speech Pathology...What works and what doesn’t.

Monique’s presentation style means that people of varying knowledge and experience will be able to easily understand the information presented.

What You Will Learn

The workshop is informative, practical and easy to follow with many case studies and video demonstrations. The easy to follow and step by step structure of the workshop will have you feeling empowered to get going with therapy and start putting things into practice straight away!

At each of the different developmental stages of the Social and Communication model you will:

  1. Gain an understanding of typical social and communication development through video demonstrations
  2. Learn exactly where children with ASD usually break down in development
  3. Discover specific therapy strategies that you can use to treat the core social and communication challenges at the different developmental stages

Other key learning objectives include:

  • • How to systematically build a child’s social and communication skills, once ‘Connection’ has been established, using a relationship building and developmental therapy approach.
  • • Discovering the therapy techniques that Monique has found to be most effective with the majority of children that she treats
  • • Identifying strategies for managing ‘tricky’ cases where the child’s poor attention and challenging sensory/ emotional behaviour is getting in the way of ‘speech therapy’
  • • Learning what to prioritise with 'disconnected' clients or when progress seems slow
  • • Why parent training is essential to successful therapy and easy tips and tools for up-skilling them.

    …Plus much more

How the Presentation is Delivered

The workshop is available to watch online. You will therefore need a broadband internet connection to watch it.

You will receive 90 days access to watch the workshop from the time you receive your access.
After ordering, you will be sent login details and instructions on how to access the workshop and download your Training Pack.

You will also receive a 'Training Pack' including...

  • ›› Complete slides of the presentation (with notes section)
  • ›› Appendix - 52 pages of supporting resources, templates and training materials that Monique has developed over the years
  • ›› A4 and A3 copy of the Social and Communication Model`
  • ›› Certificate of Completion (that you can print out).

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    Everyone would benefit from reading this post

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